Create a survey using Google Docs and post it on Wikispace

(Check out the video tutorial below that explains how to do this project with your students)

In this project, your students will each create INDIVIDUALLY a survey on Google Docs. Then they will share that survey with their classmates by posting it on Wikispace or email it to each other. Of course, the students will take each other survey, analyse the results and finally write an ‘article’ based on that survey.

The goals of that projects ? a) Review (and maybe learn) how to ask a question in a Foreign Language; b) Interactive. Since each students get to take his/hers classmates survey they get to interact with each other. The only difference with a regular ‘in class survey’ they get to do it ‘digitally’; c) Writing skills. The students have to analyze their survey results and write an article about it.

The topic  I choose was : Are kids overscheduled ? I chose that topic because in French it forces 7th grade students to deal with rather complicated verb conjugations (se réveiller, se coucher). We were studying ‘rythmes de vie‘and I thought it would be a nice way to conclude that unit with a survey and a written assignment.

In order to do that project, you and your students will need an account with Google Docs. It’s fairly easy, you just sign up, it’s free  et voilà!

Here is the video tutorial that explains how to do the whole project:

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